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About Lois Keay-Smith

Lois is a career counsellor, coach and facilitator with over 15 years' experience in leading groups and individuals through the process of career discovery. Consulting to leaders in sport, corporate and for-purpose organisations, she loves nothing more than helping you light a fire and have a passion for your work. Lois is Masters qualified (Career Development), Author of "Make Your Move" and a Churchill Fellowship recipient (2019) for career reinventions after cancer.

Pitch Yourself – in Person

Networking - the mere thought of it can make some of us break out in a sweat.  It  is often thought of as the domain of the extrovert - the social butterfly who flits around the room making friends with everyone.  What about the introverts who would rather stay home than attend a function to [...]

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Pitch Yourself – Online

So, you've crafted a great resume. Great. Now, how is your online profile looking...? It is costly and time consuming for companies to find good people. Employers, understandably, are looking for low cost, accurate measures of quality hires. Enter LinkedIn - a powerful online platform that allows graduates and job seekers to load information online [...]

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Pitch Yourself – on Paper

When it comes to applying for a job, or producing a document from a contact who says "give me your CV", you want to know that you are giving yourself the best chance for success. The trouble is, getting it right can be tricky, especially when it is about YOU - and you may find [...]

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Book Reviews

Open book. Photo in old color image style. Recommended reading, from Lois at Career Wisdom. There  are some great books and resources out there on careers / life direction / following your passion / job seeking and enterprise.  Here, I've added reviews of my favourite resources, to assist you with your literary purchasing [...]

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Where Do You Want to Go?

…and who is already there? In my own career as a career counselor and coach, I often work with people to help them define what their ideal role or job would be.  When they have done this, my client may sometimes struggle with detailed specific information about their desired role, beyond the superficial, which can be [...]

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