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"I first met Lois nearly 10 years ago.  At the time I was working as a lawyer but knew that it wasn't what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  She helped me to realise that a career did not necessarily have to consist of working in one job full time - a concept that I had never really considered.  Rather than jumping straight out of one profession into another, I spent the next years cultivating the skills and contacts I needed and working out exactly what I wanted before launching my own event styling business, Flights of Fancy.

Lois' advice about having a "portfolio" career has always guided me, and although I am extremely passionate about events, I have learnt that what works best for me is to combine this with other roles – I still work part time as a lawyer and am also building a writing career.  The combination of these different but complementary roles keeps me enthusiastic and allows me flexibility that I would not have in a single, full time role.

Lois has always kept in touch over the years and has been a valuable supporter and sounding board whenever I have needed her.  She has always encouraged me to really think about what I want out of life, explore avenues I may not have considered, and to pursue what is right for me."

Kristy Kyi

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"I was introduced to Lois when I was 22 when I had some important career decisions to make but really didn't know where to start. Up until that point I had spent my life focusing on a single goal which was to be a professional cricketer. While I always knew that this career wouldn’t last forever, when it ended sooner than I had hoped, the thought of deciding what I wanted to do next in my career was daunting!

Seven years on, I am happy to say that meeting with her was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Lois helped me to identify and become really clear on what was really important to me - what would help me to 'get out of bed every morning' for the rest of my career.

Ultimately, she helped me to not only choose a career which aligned to what I am passionate about but also about gave me some really clear direction on the best way to make it happen from there. Lois went so much further than I had expected and introduced me to a number of people in her significant network who have also helped me along the way. The conversations that I had with Lois, when I was feeling 'lost' with my career decisions, have had a really significant and positive impact on my life."

Luke Towers

"What you did for me, was to look at my skill set and experience, and know exactly what combination would work in a niched area. I couldn't see the wood for the trees, but you were able to cut to the chase and show me exactly how simple it could be, giving me clear, straightforward action steps that made it happen easily. You've given me the clarity to see what's possible and the confidence to nail it!"

Maria Doyle, Director at Create Real Change

"Lois has provided me with specific career coaching (particularly career exploration, networking, interview skills) which has been exceptionally useful in my recent exploration and job search phase. Not only has her advice been current and contemporary, it is delivered with person-specific need and compassion for individual circumstances.

Lois has also been a huge advocate in connecting me with useful, inspiring people to broaden my network and assist me on my career development and exploration journey.
Thank you very much for all your help!"

Kate Bobridge

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"Lois Keay-Smith's professional expertise and personal approach to career counselling and coaching have been absolutely invaluable in keeping me motivated and optimistic while I've been pursuing a new direction in my career as a freelance journalist and editor.

It has been more than 25 years since I last looked for work, and Lois has given me some practical and useful tips, advice and strategies.She has guided me in my search for job opportunities beyond those advertised, helped me to update my interview techniques, and showed me how to develop and expand my professional network.

Lois helped me to maximise the effectiveness of my LinkedIn profile, with immediately positive results, and her calm, positive and considerate manner has helped me to maintain confidence and self-belief while I've been pursuing job opportunities. Before I was introduced to Lois, I'd been applying unsuccessfully for jobs for two years, and had not even managed to get through to the interview stage.

Within a very short period after our first meeting, I had secured two interviews and I've now been offered a lucrative job contract. I cannot recommend her services highly enough."

Maureen E, Perth, Western Australia

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"I met Lois after I accepted a redundancy package. I had worked in the same industry for 17 years and while I was excited with the prospect of trying something new, I had no idea what I wanted to do. After an internet search, I found Career Wisdom and was impressed with the options available through Lois. Over a number of weeks, Lois assisted and mentored me towards career goals, short and long term. Lois was encouraging and able to suggest great ways to further my career. As a result, I am now working in a job I love, volunteering my time onto various boards, and am much more confident with my career. I have and will continue to strongly recommend Lois and Career Wisdom."

Cheryl Ashboth

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"Making a transition from my former workplace to a very different industry has been made so much easier by working with Lois at Career Wisdom. With her guidance, suggestions and pivotal introductions, Lois has supported me to navigate the job seeking terrain.

Whether on an individual basis or attending her informative workshops Lois is a warm and generous connector who is always willing to share her sage wisdom and encouragement. I have met several key people through Lois's introductions and can attest to the professional and personable approach Lois brings to working with her clients. I am delighted to now be enjoying a new role!"

Glenda Hickey

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"I have received the employment contact yesterday, it is a permanent position and the package is good. Thank you Lois, I highly appreciate your coaching sessions, encouragements, prompt responses and all other supports to secure this job."

Engineer / Senior Manager, Western Australia

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"Thanks for the terrific workshop, I appreciated the intimate and relaxed atmosphere. I enjoyed meeting people who were in a similar situation to myself and I now have a better understanding of what my passions and strengths are and how I might be able to apply them in the future to achieve my goals"

Sue S. (Find Your Groove workshop participant)

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"I came away with more confidence and with some great options to pursue. Work-shopping ideas with and for each other was great! I now have new strategies for a positive career shift."

Donna S (Find Your Groove workshop participant)

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"It was great being able to discuss career issues with like-minded people and have their input. I even realised that I might have more 'people skills' than I thought."

Anne J. (Find Your Groove workshop participant)

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"Many thanks for the FABULOUS workshop on Saturday -  I thought it would be good, but it exceeded my (high) expectations!"

Find Your Groove, workshop participant

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"Thank you Lois – a really engaging workshop with a lot of food for thought and takeaways.  Loved the photo taking at morning tea."

Belinda Grandoni, LinkedIn workshop participant

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"Fantastic workshop – has made me keen to start work on my profile, so LinkedIn can start working for me!"

Louise C., LinkedIn workshop participant

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"Thankyou Lois! The content was great and you are a really engaging and inspiring facilitator.  I am now thinking about my 'purpose' on LinkedIn and how to develop my profile accordingly."

Seanna Dempsey, LinkedIn workshop participant

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"Thank you! Now feeling excited to get on LinkedIn.  There were lots of tips and tricks given at your workshop."

Kate J., LinkedIn workshop participant

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"I enjoyed the positive and engaging presentation style.   I found the group questions and answers valuable and will be updating my profile summary and adding a background photo."

Julie H., LinkedIn workshop participant