Yes! Career Wisdom offers a comprehensive career counselling package called a “Career Discovery” and Career Focus or Career Review coaching sessions via Zoom or Skype video, Australia-wide and internationally.

Not directly. What we do is coach you to be able to secure a role for yourself through marketing yourself, applying for jobs, effective interviews and networking as well as appropriate actions to find opportunities. Having an extensive network, our clients are often given introductions that may lead to opportunities, however this is not guaranteed. The Make your Move online course is very helpful if you are work seeking.

We gather data which covers your skills and strengths, personality, likes/dislikes, background, ideas, possible occupations and use a blend of counselling and coaching skills to assist you to work out your career direction. We do not dictate which career you should choose but help you sift through the most viable options and plan a strategy. We equip you with greater self-knowledge, likely career choices and options. There is often more research and “trying on” (e.g. talking to people who work in the industry or job) prior to deciding. Every client is different so our service is a blend of client-centred counselling, coaching on actions , consulting and advice.

Yes, we call this a “Career Focus” mentoring or coaching session. We zone in on a particular need and help you resolve it. It isn’t possible within a singular one-hour session to help you with an entire Career Discovery package, as this takes longer. See Career Focus for more information.

There is plentiful information available on Labour Market Statistics from government and private sectors as well as specific industries and industry associations that you may be interested in researching yourself (eg.visit https://www.joboutlook.gov.au/ Whilst it is important to gauge demand for a specific field, particularly before embarking on major studies (costly, in terms of time, money and life energy) it is purely a forecast and as we are only too aware, circumstances and trends globally, economically and socially can change rapidly. Remember also, that being qualified for a particular “in demand” role doesn’t guarantee success. You may have plenty of competition and will need to present yourself as the best applicant. Equally, if a sector is shrinking and there are not likely to be many jobs but it is absolutely what you want to do, don’t be deterred. Give yourself the absolute best chance through hard work, applied strategy and connection. A Career Focus coaching session will help you define the actions to take.

Yes! Please use the contact form to outline your requirements and we will be in touch.

If you know what you want to do career-wise but need help researching your course options to get the best selection for you, we can help. Ask for a consultation with our Education Consultant, who will ask you questions via a questionnnaire and then assist you to research and access the best options.

No, we operate fee-for-service, working personally with each client. You can learn more about the credentials and experience of your career practitioner here. 

(If you are a student you can check regarding access to free or subsidised services at your educational institution).

Generally career assessments and tests are best used with a qualified career practitioner to assist with interpretation and using them as a tool with other counselling and coaching interactions.  There are many tools and resources available free and paid online, however they are often not solely reliable to make a career decision from but can be a good starting point.  You might like to try the resources at Truity.

If you elect to do the Career Discovery, a comprehensive questionnaire and report is provided covering aspects including values, personality, work history, interests, skills and work related factors.

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.