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Contemplating your career?

Do you feel that your career has stalled, or is uninspiring..? Would you like to look forward to Mondays, rather than dread them? Do you wish you could move forward but feel stuck, or find that the work search is much harder than you thought? Want to support your staff better, during times of change?

There are just so many possibilities, sometimes it can be overwhelming and you don’t know where to begin. Start by exploring this site and the free resources and sign up to our email list, so we can keep in touch.

As an individual, finding YOUR career wisdom can mean discovering your own passions, strengths and values, and finding (or creating) work that encompasses these key areas. Career Wisdom provides you with resources, tools and programs to help you identify work that you find meaningful and satisfying, and to go out and make it happen.

Or, as an organisation, you may recognise that career development is central to employee engagement, or wish to help your staff transition as the result of a restructure and redundancies. We are career transition specialists that support your people to navigate their transition.

Please contact us with your queries, we look forward to supporting you.

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How Career Wisdom can help


Seeking a new career direction or finding it hard to get work? We have three Career Packages, designed to help you, working 1:1 with you, to help you define and reach your goals.

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We offer career transition and outplacement programs to support your staff during change, as well as in-house career development presentations.

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Workshops / Events

Boost your career prospects and be part of a fun and interactive learning environment at an upcoming public workshop or event.

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Online Courses

Get career advice at low cost, in your own time and at home, with e-courses that include videos and learning activities to get your career on the

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“The past is not your potential. In any hour you can choose to liberate the future.”

– Marilyn Ferguson