Make Your Move: Career Dynamics for Changing Times
Lois Keay-Smith

Make Your Move


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Do you want to find work, get more work, or simply work at something that suits you and your life much better?

You may be currently working in a toxic environment, where escape is necessary to your wellbeing, but you’re not certain of the best way forward. Or, you have tried to make a move and it didn’t quite work out. Perhaps it has been a while since you have been job hunting and you realise times have changed, and you are a little rusty!

Whatever your circumstances, making a move isn’t easy, but it is often necessary – and this book will help.

Make your Move is about navigating your career in changing times. Jobs are lesser and many just aren’t fulltime and permanent anymore. Jobs can become temporary as employees find their positions being made redundant. However, there are different modes of work and being able to attract and create work for yourself is not only a good idea, but a vital modern career skill.

Make Your Move delves into the different modes and kinds of work and examines various models of working, how to stay ahead of the curve by practising prescience, discernment, and inviting in serendipity – as well as building resilience and connections in rapidly changing times. You will gain insights and tips into the key things that really matter when getting a job or creating work for yourself and how to increase your confidence to be your best career advocate.

The ideas and strategies in this book outline the various ways that you can get work – and can help you make the move to a happier work life. You will become your own best connector and marketer, so that you can find great opportunities and attract them to you – and help others.