Thinking of who you help, helps you.

February, 25th 2021|

Each day, I would record a stock report on radio when I worked for ASX as a Corporate Relations Officer, in the early nineties. Often, I would also do the midday live cross to ABC Regional Radio, reading out a long list of share prices. I would get a little [...]

Panel “Pin-Ups”- Top Tips for Interview Success

February, 12th 2021|

In my role as a career transition coach as a career coach and mentor, I’m often helping people in career transition gear themselves up for job searching and interviews. For some, an interview hasn’t been attended for many years, or a panel interview is a new experience. As you rise [...]

Throwing mud at the career wall..?

November, 15th 2020|

I find sometimes when clients are looking for a new role, or even exploring a new career, there's a sense that if they metaphorically throw enough mud at the wall, some of it just might stick. In the search for a new career, this can translate into sending in a [...]

There’s always a clean, new page, waiting for you.

November, 15th 2020|

Cleaning out my cupboards recently, I came across a pile of old notebooks. The ones that have mostly inane scribbles of ideas in them - hmm, surely nothing much of value there so could probably toss them?! But then again, there might be some private stuff in there so perhaps [...]

Too many are feeling “….unappreciated, Al !”

June, 4th 2018|

A favourite action film of mine, “Die Hard” with Bruce Willis, has a litany of great one-liners. One in particular that makes me chuckle is when John McClane is talking to Sgt Al Powell, the Twinkie eating policeman, outside in the grounds of the Nakatomi building. He expresses over the [...]

When push comes to shove – career transition

May, 21st 2018|

When I worked with professional rugby players as a career consultant, there was an understanding by the players that in the not too distant future (from mere months, to possibly over a decade) there would be a need to transition to a new career. My work with people who find [...]

Plan, or Pipedream?

March, 14th 2018|

When I chat to people about the concept of finding and following their passions, some are dubious or downright indignant – “but you need to work to eat, not run around having fun!” (or words to that effect).  There are also often comments about it being “hard work” or that you [...]

Pushing Out the Comfort Zones

March, 6th 2018|

One step at a time... In developing your career, often development is synonymous with growth – and growth, with discomfort.  Just like youthful “growing pains”, any personal growth can be uncomfortable and force us to endure new experiences that are unknown or simply go against the grain of our upbringing and [...]

Asking for Directions

February, 28th 2018|

Have you ever been on holiday in another country, or for that matter, just been outside your familiar home territory and then realised that you are well and truly lost? Whether you didn’t have a map with you, or just had no clue as to your position on the map, [...]

Pitch Yourself – at Interview

January, 2nd 2018|

Congratulations! If you have been called for an interview for a job, it means that you have passed the first hurdle. ”On paper” (your CV and application letter) it appears that you satisfy the criteria for the role. The purpose of the interview is to meet in person (or over [...]