Looking for your career direction?

A choice of two powerful programs to help you find your Why and your Way.

Career Discovery: Signature 1:1 Program

Don’t know what you want to do, or have too many options making your head spin? This comprehensive career counselling program will support you in discovering your new career and next steps.

The Career Discovery is my signature program – a comprehensive and personalised one-one career counselling and coaching program that delves into your attributes and opportunities, your top choices, and importantly, a plan to get it happening. You truly get to know yourself from a holistic career perspective and get your new career direction in your sights.

We have five private 1:1 career counselling and coaching sessions (60-90 mins duration) over six hours in total, and all are held one-on-one with Lois, via Zoom. Hand picked assessments and resources are included plus an action plan to get you underway.


Career Quest: A hybrid coaching / DIY program for career discovery

Ready to explore you and your options at your own pace, with expert help on call along the way? Career Quest is a hybrid supported ‘do-it-yourself’ career discovery program including intensive coaching session debriefs.

The Career Quest is a DIY hybrid program with a combination of do-it-yourself (DIY) modules, resources and career assessments plus three 60-min personalised career coaching, ideation and planning sessions.

The Career Quest program highlights your most important career elements, while being supported to unpack your exploration learnings and have accountability to take action, with debrief and sense-making career coaching sessions offered at key stages along the way.

As a powerful hybrid 1:1 career counselling, coaching and DIY option, this is a cost effective option at AUD$1995 inc. GST

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Need some help getting there?

Know where you want to head to, but having trouble getting there? Refine your strategy and super charge your search. No more digital job ads doom scrolling!

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Career Catalyst Program. Make your Move!

Know where you want to head to, but having trouble getting there? Refine your strategy and super charge your search with expert contemporary guidance. No more digital job ads doom scrolling!

A 12-week program that is packed with support, resources, accountability and 1:1 feedback and guidance, facilitated by me, with access to a cohort who are also transitioning in their careers.

If you have been thinking of a job change, are in career transition or decided on your future change but nothing is happening – invest in yourself and get into action, doing the right things.

It’s much more fun, and there are great synergies from doing this particular work with opportunities to meet others who are tackling similar challenges.

This program begins as soon as you know where you want to be headed – you will gain instant access to the resources, then the regular workshops and live group sessions are available to you, plus 1:1 feedback. You’ll get where you want to go, MUCH faster!

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