Find Your Groove: Workshop for Career Explorers

Saturday 7th October 2017 , 9.30am – 3pm, Subiaco, WA

Find  Your Groove is a small group, interactive workshop that leads you to discover things about how you “tick” from a career perspective. Not only that, but you will have the opportunity to reflect, engage in discussion and exercises, to start to entertain just what your “groove” might be and how you can reinvent your career. The crescendo of the workshop is a brilliant brainstorming session where everyone helps you to identify ideas and areas for you to investigate further – to not only find your groove, but live it! You will leave the workshop energised and brimming with ideas, ready to research and start to put your plan together.

You know it when you hear it. YOUR “groove”. Music that makes you move – you can’t help it! It inspires, uplifts and moves you. The same goes for your career. But it can be a bit harder to find work that is truly right for you. Work that inspires and uplifts can be hidden from view, or you may be tuned to the channel that says “work isn’t mean’t to be fun!” or “it’s too risky to try that!”. Are you stressed, busy and wondering “is this all there is?!” Well, it’s now time to change the channel… and Find YOUR Groove.

What you get:

– Discovery of your values, strengths, passions, skills – an holistic look at you and your career

– A brilliant brainstorming session that will explore options that you might not even have thought of

– A fantastic group of like-minded people who will encourage and support you to Find Your Groove

– Notes, exercises, materials supplied

– Yummy and healthy morning tea

– Inspiration, ideas and the beginnings of an action plan to get you started

– An optional follow-up workshop series “Make your Move” can help you to move into working in your groove, offering a variety of ways of working and how to make it happen.

There are so many ways to earn a living. But there are now so many choices that it is easy to remain stuck, not knowing what to do next… Time to get unstuck! – book into Find your Groove, you will find support, insights into yourself and the working world and be ready to reinvent your career. Spaces are limited for a small group environment, so don’t delay booking. I look forward to welcoming you and helping you to Find YOUR Groove!

For more information and bookings:  Saturday 7th October