Workshops and Events

There’s nothing quite like a live event or workshop, where you get the energy of others to stimulate thought and discussion. Some people find that they learn best in this environment, so Career Wisdom aims to give you some high level and interactive content in this format for you to absorb, discuss and benefit from. Conference presentations, “in-house” seminars and workshops can be booked as well as participating in intimate small group workshops at Career Wisdom in Subiaco and online groups.

Find Your Groove – “Career Encore”: for Career Explorers, at any age

Find your Groove¬†is a small group, interactive workshop that leads you to discover things about how you “tick” from a career perspective. Not only that, but you will have the opportunity to reflect, engage in discussion and exercises, to start to entertain just what your ‘groove’ might be and how you can reinvent your career, at any age. You may want to create a “career encore” as an alternative to retirement

The crescendo of the workshop is a brilliant brainstorming session where everyone helps you to identify ideas and areas for you to investigate further – to not only find your groove, but live it! You will leave the workshop energised and brimming with ideas, ready to research and start to put your plan together.

Find your Groove: more info and dates

Make your Move: Work Search Strategies (that work!)

Have you been seeking, sometimes finding but somehow not getting the work you want?

Have you been applying for jobs, or hanging out on the online job boards but nothing is happening? Maybe you are getting shortlisted sometimes, but getting no further…

Don’t worry, it’s time to get UNSTUCK! Help is at hand – with the Make Your Move workshop. The traditional “job search” has now extended to a work search and attraction strategy. There are multiple ways to reach your target and you need to engage in a number to get the best opportunities. Make Your Move is a small and dynamic group workshop conducted online, providing a chance for you to set a successful strategy for work seeking and attraction, to win the work that you want.

Make your Move: more info and dates

LinkedIn for Career Developers and Work Seekers

Do you need to create or update your LinkedIn profile…?

Feel like you need to “get your head around” LinkedIn? Fear not, help is at hand!

Find out how to work LinkedIn so that it works for you – both by improving your profile, being found and gaining more quality connections to develop your career. If you are currently job seeking (either passively or actively), this knowledge can boost your LinkedIn presence, enhance your job prospects and help recruiters and employers to find you more easily.

LinkedIn: more info and dates

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